Sussex Archaeological Collections, England


Table of Contents

Report of the Committee, July, 1849 vii
Rules of the Sussex Archaeological Society xiv
List of Members xv

1. On the Hospital of St. Mary, in Chichester. By the Rev. George Shiffner. With Woodcuts 3

3. On the Early History of Lewes Priory, and its Seals, with Extracts from a MS. Chronicle. By W. H. Blaauw, Esq. With two Plates 7

3. The Early History of Brighton, as illustrated by the "Customs of the ancient Fishermen of the Town." By the Rev. Edward Turner 38

4. Observations on the Landing of William the Conqueror, and subsequent Events. By Mr. Mark Antony Lower 63

5. Certificate concerning the Justices of Peace in Sussex in 1587. Communicated by Sir Henry Ellis, K. H., from MS. Lansd. 53, Art. 80. Also Documents relating to the Papista and Recusants of Sussex in 1587. Communicated, from MSS., by W. Durrant Cooper, Esq., E.S.A. 58

6. On the ancient Bridge discovered at Bramber in the year 1839. By the Rev. Edward Turner. With two illustrations 63

7. Remarks on the Pocket Bible of Oliver Cromwell, with his Autograph, By Mr. Mark Antony Lower 78

8. Letters of Edward, Prince of Wales, written in Sussex in the year 1306. Extracted from an ancient MS. in the Chapter-house, Westminster. By W. H. Blaauw, Esq. 80

9. Letter of Congratulation, addressed to Sir Thomas Pelham, Bart., on his Marriage with Judith Shirley, 1637. Communicated by the Rev. William Raynes, Rector of Ripe. With Notes, by Mr. Mark Antony Lower 99

10. Extracts from the Diary of Richard Stapley, Gent, of Hickstead Place, in Twineham, from 1682 to 1724; with a Notice of the Stapley Family. By the Rev. Edward Turner 102

11. Ancient Mural Painting, lately discovered in Lindfield Church. Engraved from a Drawing by Miss Slater 29

12. Royal Journeys in Sussex, from the Conquest to King Edward I. By W. H. Blaauw, Esq. 132

13. Hastings Rape, Castle, and Town. By William Durrant Cooper, Esq., E.S.A. 161

14. Historical and Archaeological Notices of the Iron Works of the County of Sussex. By Mr. Mark Antony Lower. With Woodcuts, &c 169

15. Historical and Architectural Notices of Mayfield Palace. By Henry Rosehurst Hoare, Esq. With Woodcuts 221

16. South-Down Shepherds, and their Songs at the Sheepshearings. By K W. Blencowe, Esq. 247

17. On Roman Remains at Eastbourne, discovered in December, 1848. By Mr. Mark Antony Lower 257

18. On Bronze or Brass Relics, Celts, &c., found in Sussex. By Frederick. Dixon, Esq. With Lithograph 260

19. On some Urns lately found in a Tumulus at Alfriston. By Mr. Charles Ade. With Woodcut 270

20. On Bishopston Church, with some General Remarks on the Churches of East Sussex. By Mr. W. Figg. With Woodcuts 272

21. The Church of S. Bartholomew, Chalvington. By Hamilton Dicker, Esq. With Woodcuts 285

22. Subsidy Roll of the Rape of Lewes in 1296. Copied from an original MS. By W. H. Blaauw, Esq. 288

23. Illustrations of the Monumental Brasses of Sussex. By Mr. Mark Antony Lower. With three Engravings 307

24. On the Remains of a Roman Building, discovered at Wiston in 1848. By Mr. William EiGG. With a Plan 313

25. Churchwardens' Accounts of the Parish of Cowfold, in the time of King Edward IV, with some Medical Rules and Prescriptions of the same period, from an original MS. By the Rev. W. Bruere Otter 315


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The Committee of the Sussex Archaeological Society have much gratification in distributing the second volume of their Collections among their members, and they hope that its contents will be found such as to maintain the character of the Society and to advance its objects. The Society has continued its meetings with success, and has increased the number of its members, among whom will be found many names eminent in antiquarian literature. The financial position of the Society being also favorable, the Committee feel encouraged in the belief that the publication of these contributions to the better knowledge of the History and Antiquities of Sussex is the best employment of the funds at their disposal, while mutual concert is also well promoted by the General Meetings of the members at different places in the county. Although they are sensible of the advantages which would result from establishing a permanent depository for books and antiquarian objects within the county, yet they do not feel warranted at present in recommending what might prove a source of much expense.

It is with much satisfaction that the Committee have observed the announcement of several works, having in view the same objects as the Society, but intended to be published independently, and they are disposed to attribute to the influence of the Society this beneficial result.